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About Avatar

Avatar Clinical Research Trials is a unit of India Home Health Care (IHHC), a partner of BAYADA Home Health Care, USA, and is committed to conducting ambulant care clinical research trials. With our dedicated professional and skilled clinical team, expertly trained in GCP and documentation, we have the ability to visit patients in the convenience of their homes and offer a wide range of support for Clinical Trials and patient support programs, including the administration of medication and collection of samples, all with proper documentation and comprehensive reporting protocols.

Avatar Clinical Research is committed to conducting ambulant care clinical research trials with an expert professional team, trained specially in GCP and documentation.

We are guided by an experienced International Team, with over 100 years of collective expertise at the leadership level.
  • Can conduct home trials in many specialties like Onco, Nuero, Ortho, Uro, Cardio, etc .
  • We have the network and bandwidth to assist with patient recruitment, as Avatar is connected with 150 Hospitals and 400 Doctors throughout India and across various specialties.
  • We promise absolute patient and data confidentiality & safety, with certification in HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

Our Specialities

Explore Avatar’s Unique Features

With our professional team of expert RN’s, trained specially in GCP and documentation, we have the unique ability to have our nurses visit your patients in the convenience of their homes to, among other things, administer dosages and collect any required samples, all with proper documentation. This helps to ensure patient compliance, that drug administration is done accurately, that participation rates remain high, and that errors are reduced in Clinical Trials and PSP’s. Our experience helps facilitate the success of your investments into clinical research and PSP programs.

Data Collection and Management

We include the CRO’s and pharmaceutical companies we work with, directly in the approval of our licensed and experienced nurses. Data collection is done using comprehensive SOPs. Each study is headed by expert nurses to ensure knowledge transfer and we also have a specialized RN-led management for each study site location. We ensure timely dispatch of the collected lab samples using temperature-controlled logistics, if required.

Data Collection and Management
Avatar’s trusted experts

Avatar’s Trusted Experts

Avatar’s expert caring team include a Doctor of Pharmacology, registered nurses, visiting doctors & medical consultants, medical care takers, physical & occupational therapists, trained attendants and more!