• India’s preferred Ambulant care Clinical Research Organization (CRO) with quality practices on continuous development mode.
    Clinical Research
    India's leading Ambulant Care Clinical Research Organisation (CRO)
    with quality practices on continuous development mode.

Our Vision

To become India’s preferred ambulant care Clinical Research Organization, driven by our patient centered approach and commitment to positive outcomes.

Our Mission

  • To bring the life-changing pharmaceutical and medical device products of our clients to as many patients as possible, while gathering accurate data and working to ensure successful outcomes.
  • To provide high quality clinical care and unparalleled support to our patients.
  • To ensure all clinicians have ongoing training and development, allowing for robust support and a reliable experience for all Clinical Trial and Patient Support Program participants.
  • To be a pioneer in Clinical Research and PSP’s, with dependable home nursing support.
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Avatar’s National Presence

Presenting state-of-the-art Ambulant Care Nursing Support
India has a population of 1.3 billion with great geographical and genetic diversity. With a dedicated skilled and professional clinical team, AVATAR has more than 20 sites across India. AVATAR has over 80+ specially trained study nurses across India which makes it an efficient ambulant care clinical research organization in the country. AVATAR has the emphasis on proper documentation and training, including, face to face protocol training, GCP training and practical procedure training. AVATAR’s ambulant care specialty fields cover genetic diseases areas, home Oncology research and patient support programs for Pharma Cos. For the purpose of patient recruitment, AVATAR is connected with 150 hospitals and 400 doctors across India throughout various specialties.

Our Services

Clinical Trial Support

Quick, flexible and innovative solutions.

Site Support Services

A broad variety of safe and strong support.

Ambulant Care Specialty Support for Clinical Trials and PSPs

Effective support by qualified professionals.

Quality Management

Fulfilling all the local & national standards.

Shipment and Storage Management

Ensuring proper & licensed shipment/storage.

Patient Support Programs

Consistent physical & emotional assistance provided.

Investigator Initiated Studies

Seamless clinical and operational support.

We Provide

  • Reassurance of consistency of high-quality clinical services
  • Strong recruitment pipelines
  • Regular communication with project leads
  • Quality SOP’s, data collection, and reporting
  • CT and PSP programs custom tailored to our clients’ needs